Hopper youth center Drieboomkensberg - Westmalle


The Youth Residence Drieboomkensberg is situated in a green environment in the neighbourhood of the Westmalle Abbey, just in the middle of the Antwerp Campines and 22 kilometres away from Antwerp and Turnhout.
Our youth residence includes 15 hectares of play forest. Adjoining there is a 45 hectares area for soft creation available. This is a free accessible municipal forest.
In the Youth Residence Drieboomkensberg your group can stay for forest classes, meditation days, education and training days, schoolwork weeks and creative workshops.
Youth Work such as youth movements, religion youth groups, sport groups and so on have plenty of possibilities for camping in tents, bivouacking, weekends, workshops, formation and management training.

Here you will find a quiet location in a woody environment; a place were you will be warmly received and where you will feel home very soon.

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