Hopper youth center De Kluis - St.-Joris-Weert (near Leuven)


The Youth Residence De Kluis gathers its power as youth stay from its history, its unique location and its offer. The Youth Residence De Kluis is the oldest youth stay of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. In 1934 the Scouts & Guides Association of Flanders decided to buy the old forester house "La Retraite" and to enlarge the building into a foursquare Brabant farmhouse. The surrounding pastures and fallow grounds have been planted with a large variation of indigenous and exotic trees. This gives the Youth Residence De Brink its unique characteristics and an exceptional play forest. During the years the domain is developed into a fulfilled equipped youth residence centre, perfect suitable for forest classes, weekend stays, youth camps, meditation days, tent camps and so on ”¦

A unique location

This youth residence is situated nearby the largest mixed broad-leaved forest of Flanders: Meerdaal wood – Heverlee forest (1900 hectares). This is one of the last wooded locations in the Flanders since the last ice age. The nature reserve ”˜de Doode Bemde’ is 200 hectares large and lies 2 km away. This domain has magnificent nature surroundings and is situated in the middle of Belgium, just on the linguistic frontier.
The easy accessibility of the domain by public transport is an important advantage for youth groups.

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