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Forest class Merkenveld

Upon request, we help you out making the necessary reservations for your programm. Underneath, an example of how your stay at Merkenveld might look like:


  • 10h00 : arrival at Merkenveld, dropping of luggage
  • 10h30 : discovery tour all through the forest of Merkenveld, following the Doeveren pedestrian path (5,7 km)
  • 12h00 : warm lunch
  • 13h30 : find your rooms, make up the beds, ...
  • 14h30 : walking or driving (with your own bus) to the maze of Loppem, + (guided) visit of the Castle
  • enjoy your afternoon snack, brought along from Merkenveld
  • back to Merkenveld
  • 18h00 : dinner


  • 8h15 : breakfast, preparing your packed lunch
  • 9h15 : departure towards the train station of Zedelgem, for a visit to the Explorer Oostende (train + tramway)
  • 13h00 : picknick at the beach near Earth Explorer
  • 13h30 : stroll through the dunes, dune and beach games, ...
  • teatime snack
  • 16h15 : by train back from Oostende (time-schedule to be consulted)
  • 18h00 : 3-course dinner


  • 8h15 : breakfast
  • 9h15 : departure by covered wagon for spending the morning at educational farm Pierlapont (several acvitivities available)
  • 12h00 : warm lunch
  • 13h30 : departure by (rental?)bike to the Public observatory Beisbroek (guided tour and show)
  • 16h30 : afternoon snach at the forest of Beisbroek
  • 18h30 : dinner


  • 8h15 : breakfast, preparing pack lunch
  • 9h15 : departure to the train station of Zedelgem, for a visit to Bruges
  • 10h00 : meeting with city guide for a guided tour of the city
  • 12h00 : time for a picknick (f.i. at the courthard of the Old St. Jans Hospital)
  • 13h30 : climbing the Belfry
  • 14h30 : boot trip on the canals of Bruges
  • 15h30 : teatime snack
  • 16h15 : by train back to Zedelgem
  • 18h00 : warm dinner


  • 8h15 : breakfast
  • 9h00 : clearing all bedrooms
  • 10h30 : themed walk through the forest (Keltic treewalk guided by a good witch/brownie-path/bat-walk, ...)
  • 12h30 : warm lunch
  • 13h30 : free play / departure 

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